5 Dreamy Ways to Use Wall Tapestries!

A wall tapestry is an easy way to bring a dreamy feel to any room. The tapestries from DiaNoche Designs include a variety of whimsical and surreal designs created by real artists. Each creation is unique, bringing a unique work of art into your home that will add energy and give new character to a bedroom, dorm room, living area, outdoor area, and more. Below are five tips on how to make the most of your tapestry design of choice.

  • Hang It on the Wall – This is the most obvious choice, since that’s what a wall tapestry is made for! Nothing will be dreamier than a wall tapestry with the Eifel Tower at night or a single boat under the midnight sky as it floats in the harbor. Check out all of DiaNoche Designs’ beautiful wall tapestries!

  • Use as a Tablecloth – There is no better way to set a beautiful and attention-getting table than with a vivid display of painted flowers or a city skyline that takes you to faraway places. No centerpiece required! Get great use out of your tapestry by using it as a tablecloth to host a dinner party that your guests will be raving about!

  • On Your Bed – A unique artistic tapestry gives you the perfect tool to add your personality to the focal point of the room. When you use a tapestry in place of your bedspread, you have a lot more design choices to customize your room. This will really emphasize your personality and can add the perfect touch of color to your bedroom.
  • Dorm Room – Take any dorm room from dull to inspirational with bright colors and imaginative designs that give you the best looking dorm room in the building!

  • Over the Fireplace – The fireplace is already a focal point in the room. A tapestry depicting an outdoor scene will add to the setting regardless of the style and decor of the home. We love the DiaNoche Designs nature-themed tapestries.

Browse our colorful and creative tapestry designs and use your imagination to think of more ways to incorporate them into your lifestyle! To learn more or to order a customized product, call 888-963-9540.