Featured Artist: Jennifer Baird, click here to learn more about her fabulous art

Jennifer Baird was born in 1955 into a family of artists in England. She has painted all her life producing a large body of work, particularly from the many years spent as a recluse in the tropical rainforest.  Jennifer's colorful and technically inventive work displays a broad range through the scenic, narrative, symbolic, mystical and visionary, employing varying degrees of abstraction. She is currently living and painting in England and continues to explore the spirituality in art.

"I have a large range of styles using water colour, acrylic, oils, oil pastel and mixed media. Because I'm good at detail I have always striven for ways to include that, even loose works. Over the many years of my painting career Ive developed lots of techniques such as various sgraffito methods, use of metallic leaf in different ways, complex layering and mixed media techniques. The years that I spent in Tobagos beautiful and wild rainforest have been a very deep and passionate inspiration and also my meditation practice and interest in metaphysics."

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