Add Color to Your Child’s Room with Artistic Wall Designs and More!

You want to create a room that your children will feel at home in. What you may not realize is that your choices in color and design can have a direct impact on how your child behaves. Color can heal, soothe, excite, inspire, or even agitate children who are even more sensitive to the psychological impact of color than adults. Let’s take a look at the different effects color may have on your child.

Red is recommended in small doses so that it can increase energy and inspire without over-stimulating to the point of restlessness. Orange is believed to increase confidence and independence. Yellow is said to increase concentration when lighter shades are used, while brighter shades improve memory.

Green is a color of nature, and it has a calming effect on children. It is also believed to boost reading speeds and comprehension. Blue is relaxing and helps to alleviate anxiety and feelings of aggression, while shades of purple help to increase self-assuredness and ambition. Professionals recommend the use of purple to inspire children to be more sensitive and compassionate.

The colorful and artistic wall designs from DiaNoche Designs are the ideal way to bring color into a child’s room without over-indulging in any single color. The illuminated wall art is creatively designed by real artists so that each piece is unique, and it works as a nightlight for young children. The canvas art is also a stunning addition to any wall for kids of any age!

DiaNoche has colorful wall tapestries, duvets and shams, throws, woven rugs, and art pillows in fun and colorful designs that children are certain to love! Colorful dinosaurs, whimsical dogs, flowers, and tie-dye are just some of the ways that we make using color in children’s rooms even more fun. To learn more about our artistic designs, call 888-963-9540.