Back to school SALE! All Duvet Covers & Shams are 25% Off. Use code: school25

Back to school SALE! All Duvet Covers & Shams are 25% Off.  Use code: school25


Back to School Dorm Décor: Take Your Dorm Room from Blah to Wow in 3 Easy Steps!


Let’s face it…if you’ve visited a college campus and have seen a dorm room, they are not the most attractive rooms in the world. In fact, if the truth be told, the rooms are UGLY!!! Yeah, we said it, UGLY!!! The walls are usually made of cinderblock, and the furniture is your typical, inexpensive, and dated college furniture from the 1950’s! Ok…maybe we are exaggerating a bit-1990’s! LOL!

So, what can you do to take your ugly college dorm room from blah to wow? Check out these three easy steps!

1. Organize Your Furniture

College dorm rooms typically tend to have two beds, two desks with chairs, a dresser, and if you’re lucky a nightstand or two in them. The overall square footage is generally pretty small, so you’ll have to get creative when thinking about organizing the furniture in the room.

Instead of having, “your side and my side”, why not create different zones with the furniture so you can maximize the efficiency and flow of the space. Create a, “sleep zone”, by moving the beds to one side of the room, and putting the nightstands to either the left or right side of the beds. This way you’ll create aisle ways for you and your roommate to move around your beds.

Use your trunks as footers at the ends of your beds, if you have room or store them there. Or move them under the bed, if your beds are high enough to accommodate a trunk being placed underneath.

Relocate your desks and chairs to the other side of the room, and create a, “work zone”, for you and your roommate. Doing this will help you to keep all of your books, supplies, computers, and work all in one place.

2. Decorate Your Space with Bedding

Now that you’ve gotten the major things straightened out, it’s time to really have some fun with your room by adding a little of your personal flair with bedding!

At DiaNoche Designs, we have a large selection of one of a kind bed sheets, and duvet covers and shams that would be perfect for any dorm room.

Our snuggly unique Bed Sheets are made of a very soft and cozy brushed polyester microfiber, and are available in Twin/Twin XL sizes and come with 1 top sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 standard pillow case.  They are guaranteed to help you fall into decorative dreamland with ease!

Oh and did you know that….

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3. Add Accessories

Hanging artwork on the walls in dorm rooms can be tough since the walls are commonly made of cinderblocks, but there’s still plenty you can do by adding in a few fun and creative accessories to add that finishing touch to your space!

What comes to mind? Area rugs, ottomans, and throw pillows! Stop by and take a look!


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