Add a Little Comfort and Conversation to Any Backyard Party with DiaNoche Designs

Summer is all about spending quality time with friends and family. And if you’re someone who loves to throw a backyard party all summer long, do it in style and flair with DiaNoche Designs!


At DiaNoche Designs we have a vast collection of outdoor throw pillows and seat cushions by some amazing artists that are sure to strike up quite the conversation while you’re waiting for that tasty burger on the grill!

Check out this amazing list of artists you should keep your eyes on!

Kathy Stanion- is an artist and designer living in Las Vegas who is inspired by many different forms of art and spirit. Creating art is a way of life for Kathy and how she expresses who she is. Kathy’s unique collection of beautifully inspired throw pillows, seat cushions, cutting boards, and more all show her love of nature, spirit, and joy.

Her exquisitely designed Butterfly Bliss throw pillow would make a great conversation piece around any backyard barbecue. Stop by and take a look!

Rachel Brown- is a Junior at Missouri State University studying Art, Creative Writing and Spanish. In the last year she has wandered from the Parthenon to the Pantheon and through 16 countries in-between. Rachel is dazzled with all of the amazing things the planet has to offer in terms of design, creativity, and inspiration. Her goal is to create something new, something colorful, something full of symbols and meaning.

Rachel’s collection of wonderfully designed outdoor pillows, seat cushions, cutting boards and more are absolutely breath taking and would make a lovely addition to your backyard. Take a look at Rachel’s Big Sur throw pillow as well as her other collections.


nJoyArt - also known as Nicola Joyner, is originally from the Cayman Islands and currently lives in Main with her husband and two young daughters. nJoy began her career as a graphic designer in the greeting card industry where she started painting art specifically for cards. Her brightly colored paintings, especially for children, quickly gained popularity and can now be found reproduced on various products in some of your favorite department stores.

If you’re looking for something really fun and whimsical for a child’s backyard party, nJoy’s beautifully illustrated You Are My Sunshine outdoor seat cushion and Tree of Wildlife throw pillow would be the perfect solution and a great way to get both kids and parents talking! Stop by and take a look at her fun collection of throw pillows, outdoor seating, and more!



Markus and Martina Bleichner- have been creating and producing art for many years. When they met, their energies joined forces and a whole new level of art and creativity was achieved. Their art reflects thoughts, travels and wanderlust. Cityscapes, landscapes, skylines, and abstracts are their favorite motives.

Everyday can be a vacation with Markus and Martina Bleichner’s gorgeously designed collection of outdoor seating and throw pillows. These two talented artist’s creations will take you away on a tropical vacation or have you traveling in a VW Bus on a cross country trip! Check out Strand Chairs on Caribbean and The Red Bus to see what we mean!

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