Choosing Colors for Your Living Space That Reflect Who You Are

It may not be something that we think about every day, but the colors we surround ourselves with can play an important role in everything we do. Each hue and its corresponding shades have a psychological impact that can change your mood or boost your energy. According to UCreative,¹ the use of color in design has a direct impact on how much energy, creativity, confidence, and anxiety you feel! Having problems sleeping? You may want to re-think that stimulating hot pink bedroom, and instead create a more soothing environment with relaxing shades of blue.

colors on canvas

Keep the following color meaning guide¹ in mind when choosing the colors for your home interior:

      • -- Yellow – Mentally stimulating, yellow improves memory and enhances communication. It’s a happy color that is often associated with sunshine, and it inspires creativity.
      • -- Green – Often associated with nature, green is soothing, inspires self-control and harmony, and helps to alleviate depression and anxiety.
      • -- Blue – Blue is the most popular choice as a favorite color, and it has a calming effect. Surrounding yourself in your favorite shades of blue can cause your body to produce chemicals that naturally reduce anxiety.
      • -- Purple – Purple is often associated with royalty and mystique. It helps to boost spirituality while also having a calming effect. Creative and eccentric personalities often prefer purple. (The recent loss of music icon, Prince, has brought about the knowledge that not only was he a talented and creative person, but also one that was highly spiritual. Prince also is the only celebrity whose image is so tightly interwoven with a single color: purple.)
      • -- Pink – Lighter shades of pink have long been associated with romance and femininity. The brighter shades are high energy, stimulating, and can cause an increase in blood pressure and pulse rate.
      • -- Red – This vibrant color stimulates energy, increases enthusiasm, and is often used as an accent to draw attention to specific areas or features of a room.
      • -- Orange – The blend of red and yellow helps to stimulate activity and also appetite. Orange increases socialization and is either “loved” or “hated,” without any real middle ground.


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