Our DiaNoche Family of Artists Are All About Love

Our DiaNoche Artists Are All About Love

At DiaNoche Designs, we consider our artists part of the family. We have more than 70 artists from around the globe including: Indonesia, USA, Israel, Ireland, Australia, Spain, England and Norway. We feature their art on our home decor products to give you an array of unique and beautiful designs to choose from. On our website we also share the stories and inspirations behind their creations.

DiaNoche Designs is a Family Business

We are a family business, husband and wife team, and our mission is to support our artists anyway we can. This month we launched a campaign to help one of our family of artists Patti Schermerhorn’s partner, Stacey, who is suffering from Dysautonomia Disorder. This campaign’s goal is to improve the quality of life for Stacey by raising money for her medical care, a safer place for to live and create awareness of this debilitating disease. The symptoms and challenges caused from this disorder are devastating in the extreme, but the strength it takes to live with it daily will both shock and amaze you.

LEARN MORE: Stacey’s Story - living with a Dysautonomia Disorder

Stacey’s Story - living with a Dysautonomia Disorder

“The body can take a lot but the mind is stronger," Stacey.

Before Stacy was diagnosed with Dysautonomia Disorder, she spent her time doing things like many of us in our forties. She loved her job, traveling to the beach, cooking, working out, driving, photography and most of all her independence. “My mind wants to do these things but my body says, I don’t think so...not today!” Read more.

Our Generous Family of Artists

For each sale from 10/16-10/28, a portion of all DiaNoche Designs profits will go to this campaign. Also, many of the DiaNoche artists have agreed to donate a portion of their commissions to this campaign for Stacey. Some have even agreed to donate 100% of all earnings during this time period.

A Special Thank-You to Our Amazing Artists

Dora Ficher, Dawn Derman, Robin Mead, Alex Ruiz, Anne Gifford, China Carnella, Harriet Peck Taylor, Lam Fuk Tim, Pom Graphic Design, Hillary Doggart-Greer, Christy Leigh and Marley Ungaro. Take a minute to learn more about them and check out their unique designs.

Do Something Great and Receive a Valuable Reward

We also launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe and all donations of $50, or more will be presented with a custom product / reward from DiaNoche Designs. See donation levels for the various product options. So start your Christmas shopping today and do something great, all at the same time.

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