DiaNoche Designs Featured Artist: Lantern Press

DiaNoche Designs Featured Artist: Lantern Press

Artist Bio: Lantern Press

Lantern Press started in 2007 and has been producing quality souvenir and gift products at our Seattle facility ever since. Our team of in-house artists creates beautiful illustrations, oftentimes custom-tailored to a customer’s request. We also have a broad network of photographers around the country, capturing the amazing beauty our nation has to offer. Our vast catalog of imagery means we’ll have just the right program for you, from national parks, cityscapes, attractions, to the boardwalks of the East Coast! 

Artist Inspiration

As our clientele expanded, we branched out into designing our own poster art, still harkening back to the retro style we¹ve always loved. As we continue to grow, you¹ll find hundreds of designs that are hitting market trends and we¹re quickly becoming known as an art company that will fulfill any need from our vintage style, new trends, photography, design, and everything in between.

Artist Location: Washington

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