Five Ways to Incorporate Spring Fashion Trends into Your Home

Trends come and go, both in decorating and in fashion. You want to stay ahead of the curve and keep your home looking up-to-date and fresh, but you don’t want to break the bank doing it. The answer is to incorporate your favorite trends using accessories such as throw pillows, shower and window curtains, and duvets to add a breath of fresh air to your interior design scheme. Here are some of the latest trends from the runways that would translate easily to your home décor.

Suede – This was a huge trend on the runways this year and can provide a luxurious feel to your living room. You can find pillows and even rugs that use this chic yet affordable texture.

Fringe and Tassels – These embellishments have been gaining popularity on the runway over the past few years, and now is the time to jump on this trend for your home. Look for cushions, bed skirts, or table cloths that have this fun and happy feature – or even wall tapestries and curtains.

This Season’s Colors – Serenity Blue is one of the most popular colors of the year. Incorporate it in your table linens or throw pillows for a festive look. Coral and Rose Quartz are also immensely popular, and can provide an uplifting, fun element to any motif. For an unconventional approach, add these or any other on-trend color using artistic shower curtains or illuminated paintings.

Floral – Florals for spring might not seem like the most groundbreaking design trend, but you can always try new takes on an old favorite. Mix different florals together, such as dark-colored prints with light and bright ones, or go with florals that add a pop of neon.

For more inspiration on ways to keep your home fresh and fun, view our selection of artistic home décor items.