How Stress-Reducing Colors Can Provide College Students with More Peace of Mind

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Are YOU ready for college? For many new college students, the experience of living away from home for the first time brings with it a lot of stress. Trying to keep ahead of the new academic challenges while also spending time with peers and indulging in new freedoms is a balancing act that can easily lean in the wrong direction.

Studying can increase the pressure and stress on a student during college and it is important to remember to sit back, relax, and breathe. College should be exciting and enjoyable! Remember to find ways to eliminate the stress instead of adding to the problem. Surrounding themselves in stress-reducing colors may be the ideal way to combat stress and increase happiness.

The Right Hues for the Job

Different hues, or intensities of color, can help to create a feeling of peace and tranquility, or balance your energy. An article in Huffington Post describes a study that showed the connection between room color and the way that people perceive stress. Some of the best choices are:

Soft Blues and Aquas – Think clear blue skies or exotic seas when looking for the right shades of blue to inspire calm in your dorm room. The effect extends to blue-grays and aqua shades that contain a little bit of green. Our window art curtains in Blue Leaves II and our Blue Flower throw pillow are some good ways to surround yourself in relaxing shades of blue.

Dusty Pinks and Lavenders – Pastel or muted shades of pink are soothing and lack the red intensity that can have the opposite effect. Muted or dusty purples and lavenders are also calming choices.

Duvet Covers and Shams

Monogrammed Rugs

Greens of Nature – No setting is more relaxing than the outdoors, even when you re-create the colors indoors. Artistic wall designs like the Forest Trees Green wood plank wall art shown above brings a touch of soothing Mother Earth to the place where you need it the most: your desk. Add to the effect with a coordinated area rug.

Artistic Wall DesignsStress Reducing Colors

You don’t have to sacrifice color to reduce stress and stay focused on the job at hand. Call DiaNoche Designs at 888-963-9540 to place your order on fun and artistic products that will help get you through those first few weeks!