How to Create a Cozy, Lived-In Look

Whether you’ve just moved into your dream house, or you’re just getting started in your first dorm room or studio apartment, you’ll want to create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, and that feels “lived-in,” but what if you haven’t lived there very long? Or, you don’t have a fortune to buy all the things from the design magazines and websites you peruse? We’ve got just the tips you need. To create a cozy, inviting atmosphere that has your own personal touch, a few pointers can take you far.

You’ve probably heard of the standard tricks people use to create a welcoming vibe: plush furniture; a variety of soft and intriguing textures that invite touch; warm, natural lighting. But what if you want to go beyond what everyone else is doing? Check out these tips below for ways to create a comfy atmosphere that exudes your own personal style:

    1. Pillows – When the stressors of life start wearing you down, it’s nice to have a place to relax. The perfect decorative pillows on every bed and couch can make a room feel like a blissful sanctuary.

    2. Blankets and Throws – We all know that one person who’s always complaining about being cold –maybe that person is you. If that’s the case, having warm throws and blankets within reach will automatically make everyone feel welcome. Think about getting one of our monogrammed fleece blankets for a personalized touch.
    3. Curtains – Curtains are to rooms what purses are to outfits: They add a subtle touch that completes the look and takes things to the next level.
    4. Lighting – This is a no-brainer: Soft, natural lighting makes people feel less on-edge.
    5. Color – Bright pops of color will draw a person’s gaze throughout the room. Place one of our illuminated canvas art pieces across from where your guests first enter a room. It will draw them in and make them want to stay and explore more. Or, you can instantly create a lived-in feeling by using our personalized wall art to add a unique touch.


So, if you really want a place where people can kick up their feet and stay a while, and one that expresses your personal aesthetic, explore our site for some unique accents that might make your guests never want to leave.