Monogrammed Accessories: The Perfect Personalized Graduation Gift!

You remember that feeling that comes with graduation: You have a tremendous sense of accomplishment and the sudden realization that you are no longer a child. If you want to give a graduate a gift that will truly mean something to them, start with a great gift item and personalize it with their monogram. With so many fun and useful products, like colorful and cozy blankets and pillows, at DiaNoche Designs you can find the perfect start to a truly unique graduation gift!

monogramed items available

Sophistication and Fun All Rolled into One

Some unique gift ideas to choose from include:

          •  Monogrammed custom blankets in colorful designs
          •  A throw pillow that will bring personal focus to any room
          •  An artistic shower curtain and matching monogrammed accessories for a total decorative style

When choosing an item to have monogrammed, consider the design and how well the monogram will appear against the background. Choose a contrasting ink color to make it stand out against the dominant background color so there is no doubt for whom the item was designed!

Every graduation is an important milestone that marks the start of another phase of life. The gift you choose will let your graduate know that you recognize his or her accomplishment. Help graduates celebrate the occasion in a way that they can enjoy every single day!

Select gifts for your graduates that let them know you care. Monogrammed items from DiaNoche Designs are unique, personal, and are the perfect gesture for your graduate! Call 888-963-9540 to learn more about creating a unique monogram gift or visit our website at