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David Lloyd Glover From California

When four-year-old David Lloyd Glover accompanied his dad to watch the Walt Disney animated film Fantasia on the big screen, his world changed. モI was overwhelmed by the remarkable imagery,ヤ he recalls. モWhen my father told me it was all drawn and painted, I knew thatメs what I wanted to doラand out came the paints!ヤᅠ The paints, and Gloverメs abiding passion for them, remained with him through a successful career as a newspaper editorial illustrator and the founder and director of an award-winning advertising agency whose clients included Pepsi Cola, Yamaha, Pacific Western Airline and the 1988 Winter Olympics.ᅠ モI want to bring out human emotions in my art,ヤ he says. モIメm telling either a narrative or an emotional story, using my artistic imagination, and I want viewers to feel a resonance and an impact.ヤ